Audition Call

January is an exciting for those of us involved in Highlands Summer Festival.

With the productions chosen and the scripts being passed around for everyone to read, the next step will be auditions. This year the auditions are scheduled for January 23 and 24 at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion.

Auditions are always a bit nerve-wracking for those of us who enjoy stepping onto the stage. As the scripts make the rounds, the actors are looking for parts that may be appropriate and challenging for them. Often there is more than one “good fit“, but Highlands Summer Festival attempts to avoid casting one actor in two productions. It can be tough on actors to be involved in two productions in the summer, particularly when it comes to rehearsals. They begin in April and take place on the weekends leading up to the various opening nights. Occasionally it is necessary to cast an actor in two productions to take advantage of his or her special talents. We certainly appreciate those who are willing to make that extra sacrifice.

The mandate of the Highlands Summer Festival is to encourage the growth and development of theatrical talents and skills. We are also committed to using as much local talent as possible. We encourage local actors to audition for our productions. The size and quality of the theatrical community in the Highlands has grown over the years and we believe that Highlands Summer Festival can take credit for a large part of that development. We have also encouraged individuals with an interest in acting but no experience to give it a try. In the past, we have “discovered” some exciting talent in individuals who stepped onto the boards for the first time with our company.

If you have an interest in acting, please follow this link to our audition page to learn more about this year’s auditions….but take a look at the audition page soon, because the call is coming up soon. Perhaps this is the year we`ll see you on stage!

As always, we welcome your comments.

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