Royal visit rumours ‘unconfirmed’

Royal Visit rumour denied
For immediate release May 26, 2010

“We can neither confirm nor deny that Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge will be attending a performance of Anne of Green Gables, The Musical in Haliburton,” a spokesman for the Highlands Summer Festival announced today.
In a tersely written statement, the president of the company, Jack Brezina, said that for security reasons he was unable to comment further.
We are aware of Kate’s interest in the story and that she is reportedly a fan of Anne. “We would certainly welcome the royal couple if they chose to visit the Haliburton Highlands to see a show,” Brezina said. “They are in Ottawa for the Canada Day celebrations and perhaps they could drive over for the opening performance Sunday afternoon July 3.”
According to the spokesman, Jim Frost, who, along with his wife Marilyn, manages the Festival’s box office, is monitoring the situation carefully and has some choice seats on hold, just in case the palace calls. He noted, “Our seats are reasonably priced and if they come with a large enough group, we can offer a discount.”
Artistic producer and director of the musical, Scot Denton, said he would be delighted if the newlyweds attended. “It’s a great family show and a wonderful story. We think they would be entranced by our production,” the director said.
Despite all the rumours circulating about the possible visit, Brezina continues to be tight-lipped. “It would be inappropriate for me to reveal which of the eleven performances they will be attending, or if they chosen any at all. I guess it will just have to be a surprise for those lucky enough to be in the audience. I can’t say anything more.”
Tickets for, what could be a Royal Performance of Anne of Green Gables, The Musical, are available by calling 705-457-9933 or visiting


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