“Anne sparkles” says The Echo

Angelica Blenich of the Haliburton County Echo loved our opening production of Anne of Green Gables. Here is what she had to say in this week’s edition of the newspaper:

Anne sparkles and shines as she sets off summer festival
By Angelica Blenich
Posted 13 hours ago

A stunning voice, dazzling expressions and that red hair.

It was a recipe for success as the curtain came back on Anne of Green Gables The Musical, the beloved Canadian tale of a girl from P.E.I., which opened this year’s Highlands Summer Festival at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion July 3.

And without a doubt or little surprise Anne Shirley, played by 16-year-old Breana LaRue, stole the show.

Breana’s vivacious charm and animated facial expressions had the audience giggling, laughing and at times full out howling.

Played to a full house, the two-hour-plus performance was smooth from start to finish with strong musical numbers, quick choreography and authentic costumes and props.

Boasting a cast of more than 20 performers ranging in age, the stage was set alight with both young talent and experienced actors all under the direction of Scot Denton, artistic director of the festival.

Set in Avonlea, a village in P.E.I., Anne of Green Gables is the story of a young orphan with a vast imagination, quick tongue and terrible temper.

An orphan from Nova Scotia, Anne is sent to live at Green Gables farm with siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who are displeased to learn the boy they requested is nowhere to be found.

Lauren McInnes resonates as a stern and sensible Marilla, completing the character with a powerful and full vocal ability.

However it is David Mills as Matthew who quietly and humbly steals the show with an understated touch of dry humour, compassion and true sense of love and devotion.

It isn’t long before Anne wins over their hearts and finds a home in Avonlea, amongst a plethora of town gossips and a best friend named Diana Barry, played by Jessica Bishop.

And who could forget Gilbert Blythe? Certainly not Ben Ward, who brings a boyish charm and a sense of honest adolescence to the young man who eventually captures our girl Anne’s heart.

But you wouldn’t want to hear anything more than that. For that would take all the fun out of the production, not allowing you to enjoy it for yourself.

And enjoy it you will.

From Anne’s antics, imagination and sunny disposition, to the dancing, singing and laughter that fills the stage, Avonlea is a place you’ll want to stop into before the show’s run slips by.

Anne of Green Gables The Musical is on now until July 15.

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