Volunteers help make it happen

We continue to be impressed with the amount of effort and hard work that is often an unseen part of making the season happen. While we certainly admire the work of the actors as they bring the story to life on the stage, I have learned that backing up every successful performance are a host of individuals with a wide range of skills. While we attempt to ensure their participation is acknowledged in the program, often a simple notation hardly reflects the time and effort they have contributed to the success of the productions our audiences enjoy year after year. Their work often starts early in the year, and most often ends long before the a particular show opens (although it is fair to admit, on occasion the paint on some portions of the set can still be wet on opening night).

To help make the season happen the Highlands Summer Festival and the Highlands Opera Studio relies on an army of volunteers. Painters, carpenters, seamstresses and a myriad of other tasks are shouldered by volunteers prior to opening night. These people give freely of their time and enjoy being a part of the magic that is live theatre. Likewise, when the season opens, volunteers take turns as ushers, refreshment servers and 50/50 ticket sellers, welcoming our patrons to the theatre and a great night of entertainment.

The season would not happen if it weren’t for the hard work of these many volunteers and we are most appreciative of their willingness to help and occasionally go beyond the call of duty to get that last lick of paint in place just before the curtain opens. So a special salute to our many volunteers who have assisted not only in this season, but in the years gone by. If you are interested in assisting in any capacity with the summer theatre and opera season, please let one of our front of house staff know. They will take your name and contact information, and as the next season unfolds, you could be a part of the Highlands Summer Festival and The Highlands Opera Studio teams.
To see photos of some of our volunteers in action, follow this link: https://www.highlandssummerfestival.on.ca/volunteers.shtml

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