We’re back!!

Some of our regular visitors may have noticed problems with our website recently. In fact, Google had placed a “infection” warning on our site, which I am sure concerned more than a few people. I know I was concerned. The Highlands Summer Festival ended up on the quarantined list, as I understand it, because the server on which¬† the site is hosted was targeted. However the Highlands Summer Festival website itself was not infected. Our technicians have been working hard over the past few days to relocate the site and ensure that everything is in order. The fact that we are back up and running indicates that the Google police have been by to check out the site and find it infection free.¬† Our apologies to those who were unable to reach the 2013 season information and who were concerned about the security of our site. I am assured that we have been relocated away from the source of the problem and now we can get back to the business at hand. Please check the next blog posting for details about the 2013 season, I think you’ll be excited about what is on the playbill.

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