We couldn’t do it without our many volunteers

It is like the beleaguered iceberg analogy.

The people you see of stage at the Highlands Summer Festival are only a fraction of the individuals it takes to create a successful production. Many of the support staff are volunteers who bring special skills and/or time to help make the plays come to life. Often working long before the actors have started rehearsal, they are sewing costumes, building and painting sets, searching out props and stage dressing and assisting in a myriad of ways.

Volunteer are also there during a production, making sure everything runs smoothly. From ushers to ticket takers to those serving the refreshments, the Highlands Summer Festival relies on a roster of volunteers to make it happen. Hidden from view, but just as important, are the backstage crew members who help get the production ready before curtain and ensuring that it all runs smoothly until the lights fade and the audience heads home.

The Highlands Summer Festival is a community theatre. Our mandate “…to encourage the development of theatrical skills and talents in the Highlands, especially among young people….” means we welcome interest in all aspects of the Festival. Open auditions are held in January or February. Then we start assembling the people who will help the various elements of the production come together. Starting in early March and working at a steady but not onerous pace, the work is completed in anticipation of the season opening the first week of July.

If you are interested in being a part of the Highlands Summer Festival, on stage or off, send us an email at tickets@highlandssummerfestival.on.ca Someone from the Festival will get in touch and you could be one of the many volunteers who help make the magic happen this summer.

(Photos of some of our hardworking volunteers over the years can be found on out Volunteer Page.)

Looking forward to seeing you at the theatre.


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