Curtain Talks: A New Feature Added This Season

This season we are introducing Curtain Talks to the summer schedule.
On five occasions, one for each of the five productions, the audience is invited to stay a little longer and participate in a dialogue with actors and director (when available) from the production just staged.
The Curtain Talks will provide an opportunity to peel back the layers and discover why and how the creative team was inspired by the play and their own characters. It will be an opportunity to get a better appreciation of what goes into creating an interesting performance.
Highlands Summer Festival Curtain Talks are sponsored by TD Waterhouse
Due to time constraints, the Curtain Talks are limited to one for each production. If you are not attending that particular performance, you are welcome to come to the Curtain Talk. It’s free, so come and listen in or ask questions. Here is the schedule for this year’s Curtain Talks. We hope you find these sessions interesting and informative.

Nunsense, Tuesday July 2
Wingfield’s Inferno, Monday, July 8
Our Town, Wednesday July 17
Bohemians in Brooklyn Sunday, July 21
The Sunshine Boys, Thursday, August 1

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