Tons of fun with five crazy Nuns


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From the left, Beth Kipping, Jacqueline Janas, Maureen James, Pat Piché and Victoria Bingham. They are playing five zany Nuns with  accompaniment by Melissa Stephens.


(From the July 4, 2013  edition of The Highlander)

By Mark Arike

Staff writer
The Highlander
They may be nuns, but they sure know how to misbehave.
Nunsense kicked off the 14th season of the Highlands Summer Festival on July 1 at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion. And judging by the audience reaction, this interactive and over-the-top comedy was a giant hit.
Directed by Marc Richard, Nunsense follows five nuns (sister Mary Regina,
sister Mary Hubert, sister Robert Anne, sister Mary Leo and sister Mary Amnesia. They are accompanied by Sister Mary melody on the keyboard.) who are hosting a benefit concert to raise money to bury four of their sisters who were accidentally poisoned by the convent cook.
Through song, dance and vaudeville-type sketches, the nuns’ true personalities
come out on stage. Their hilarious antics also go beyond the stage as they engage in
conversation, trivia and witty banter with members of the audience.
American writer Dan Goggin wrote Nunsense in 1985. According to the Festival’s
program, the nuns are based on real-life characters he knew growing up.
Nunsense is just one of the shows in this year’s line-up that features seasoned veterans as well as novice actors. “There are some new people involved,
and there’s also some new people to our community that are involved,” said Jack
Brezina, Festival president. “We’re always happy to get some new faces on stage. It’s
part of what the Summer Festival is all about.”
Brezina said this year’s season features an eclectic mix of performances.
Rehearsals for the performances began in April, and those who joined a production
gave up their weekends to prepare for their roles.
“They all work really hard,” said Brezina. “I’m sometimes there at the beginning and I see the end product, and I see how much the character has developed.”
He also noted each show has a group of dedicated individuals who keep things
running smoothly behind the scenes. “I always say there are five people off stage
for every person you see on stage. The ratio isn’t quite that, but there are a lot of people behind the scenes that make it all happen.”
Other shows in this year’s lineup include Wingfield’s Inferno, Our Town, The Sunshine Boys and Bohemians in Brooklyn. To purchase tickets call the box office at
705-457-9933 or 1-855-457-9933.

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