Videos from 2014 Season, Including TD Waterhouse Curtain Talks

This is the second year of our Curtain Talks program, generously sponsored by TD Waterhouse.  After the show, the audience has an opportunity to talk with the cast and crew and get the back-stage scoop.  Here are the videos from the 2014 season’s sessions. You will also find promotional videos and interviews with members of the season’s cast an crew. Video service for Highlands Summer Festival is provided by Sticks & Stones Media of Haliburton. Enjoy….

Great Expectations:

Promo (1 minute)

Full session (20 minutes)

Curtis Eastmure talking about British accents (1 minute)

Lorraine McNeil (1 minute)

Michelle Bailey (1minute)

Scot Denton (2 minutes)

Kathryn Boyd (1 minute)

Back in ’59:

Full Session (20 minutes)

Excerpts (6 minutes)

Billy Bishop Goes To War:

Full Session (39 minutes)

Excerpts (7 minutes)

I Hate Hamlet:

Excerpts (9 minutes)

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