Do Something Dramatic This Summer

Live theatre is a collaborative enterprise. Never more-so than at this time of the year when plans are well underway for the coming Highlands Summer Festival season.

Long before the actors start rehearsal teams of people begin the many tasks of bringing the shows together. Builders, painters, seamstresses will soon be starting toget the various elements of the Summer Festival ready to go. The company is looking for people willing to donate time and skills to help make these important aspects of the theatre season happen.

The Festival is looking specifically for individuals with carpentry skills, people to assist with painting and individuals who know how to sew a costume. The company is also looking for individuals who can assist or lead with the gathering and management of props and stage dressings and assist with the moving of and erection/removal of sets on the stage.

There are many people who make the Highlands Summer Festival sparkle. The majority you won’t actually see on stage, but you do see the results of the collective efforts every time the curtain opens. If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, please contact the executive producer, Melissa Stephens at:

You could be a part of something dramatic this summer!

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