Space: It isn’t pretty but it’s necessary

It looks like a giant bread box, except it is not all that pretty. There are a few spots of rust, some bumps and bruises. This unit has been places, around the world perhaps. However, now it is in our back yard.

A shipping container arrived at the Highlands Summer Festival shop on Mallard Road several days ago. The 40 foot long, nine foot six inch tall and eight wide behemoth slid off  the truck that brought it from Toronto and now awaits final placement and set up near the back door of the set construction area.

The container was needed because of diminishing storage space at The Shop. Each year we build sets for our productions. In some years we can re-use pieces that we have from previous years, but often we need to build new flats. Our builders, led by Dave Mills, know what might be useful in future years, so they squirrel them away in hopes they can be repurposed the following season. Flats, doors, windows, lumber all sorts of hardware etc. etc. eventually consumed the space reducing the work area and so the solution was to create external storage. We already have one other shipping container on the property….it is filled, wall to wall, with costumes and set dressings……hence we already knew the value of these water proof, rodent tight containers.  So we decided to get another.

The appeal for financial support for the unglamourous, but necessary part of our infrastructure, received a quick response…..although we are still not quite there yet. Thanks to the support of Friends of the Festival, who quickly stepped forward and pledged to help, we were able to order the container and now it has arrived.  Soon we will put the new storage space to good use and expand the work area in The Shop.

If you would like to help with the purchase of the shipping container, donations can be accepted on line or by calling Jim at the box office, 705-457-9933 or 855-457-9933. Donors will receive a receipt that they can use for tax purposes. Donations that exceed the container requirements will be used to support the Early Stages program.

Thank you


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