Early edition of Three Men In A Boat

Our staging of the Pea Green Theatre’s production of Three Men In A Boat was very popular with almost three straight sell-outs performances. The reaction of audience members varied. While most were delighted with the take of the adaptation of the 1889 novel by Jerome K. Jerome, there were some who  didn’t find it as humourous as others. For additional insight into the play, you can view the three actors, Matt Pilipiak, Victor Pokiniko and David DiFrancesco, the director Sune Miner and the writer who adapted the novel, Mark Brownell talking about the play during our TD Waterhouse Curtain Talk following the Sunday afternoon performance by clicking here (Available soon).

One of the interesting side-lights to the show was a copy of the original novel  brought to the theatre by patrons Don and Wendy Fraser to show to the cast. Although we were unable to track down a reference to the publication date, and there were many editions of the original tale printed, it was obvious from the suede cover and book design that it was one of the earliest American editions. It was published by Caldwell in New York City.

The book was a touchstone for everyone involved in the show. It brought the director to tears and everyone wanted to examine the pages. Simply holding it seemed to bring them closer to the author who wrote the story nearly 120 years ago.

Here is a photo of the Pilipiak, Pokinko amnd DiFrancesco  with Don and Wendy Fraser following the performance. Beside that is a close shot of the front cover. (The book was originally a travelogue of Jerome and his wife’s adventure punting on the Thames. The author changed the participants to three men and a dog.  It has been suggested the woman featured on the cover was Jerome’s wife.)

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