The Missing Pages

Highlands Summer Festival patrons will be pleased to hear that Tom Allen, a three time performer with the Festival,  has just completed a new project and was interviewed Sunday, June 21 on CBC Radio One’s Sunday Edition with host Michael Enright. Allen, himself a radio host on CBC Radio Two with a program called Shift, talked about his latest stage show, The Missing Pages.
The Missing Pages tells the story of the only Canadian to to meet Ludwig van Beethoven. Allen has spoken of this project during his last appearance with the Festival in 2018 when he presented From Weimar to Vaudeville.


On December 13, 1825, two men met for the first time.

One was a musician from Lower Canada named Theodore Molt.

The other was Ludwig van Beethoven — the greatest composer alive.

Molt travelled from Quebec City to Vienna to meet his hero — making him the only Canadian that we know of to ever meet Maestro Ludwig.

We know Molt and the composer met, because Beethoven’s deafness required him to keep “Conversation Books” in which his visitors would write their greetings to him.

But at some point, four pages of notes from his audience with Molt were ripped from the book. Out of anger? To hide a scandal? Or because of something else altogether?

The mystery of those four pages has long fascinated veteran storyteller and CBC host Tom Allen.

The interview explains in greater detail the meeting and what might have happened to those four pages and why.

A video of the  show, The Missing Pages, has also been recorded and will be available later this summer. Highlands Summer Festival  could host that program for sharing with our patrons.

In the meantime, you can hear the interview and get more insight into this interesting story. Simply click HERE to be connected to  CBC Radio One Sunday Edition and the Tom Allen interview.

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