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Highlands Summer Festival

September Photo Contest

Each month we post a photo from one of the shows we presented over the past two decades. The challenge for you is to answer the quizmaster’s questions. All you have to do is submit your answers to

by the 25th of the month. We will select one winner from all the correct entries received. The winner will receive two tickets to any of the 2022 season’s shows. A new photo will be posted at the beginning of each month at which time we’ll announce the winner of the previous contest.

It is as simple as that.

  • No entry fee.

  • No tickets to buy.

  • No Zoom meetings to attend.

….just a nostalgic stroll down our theatrical memory lane and a chance to score some tickets to the next Highlands Summer Festival season.

Contest # 15 was a photo from the last year Highlands Summer Festival presented a season. The photo is from the show The Ladies Foursome and includes from the left, Laura Ostler, Erin VanderBurgh, Myrna McBrien (who also directed the show) and Sue Hemstreet. The quizmaster wanted to know why the four had such shocked looks on their faces. Well, Lori Lloyd knew it wasn’t because of a hole in one or a mama bear and three cubs crossing the fairway or that someone had just driven his golf cart into a pond. They were in shock because one of their drives had just hit a golfer on the fairway in the head. Ouch! Lori wins two tickets to any of the 2022  season productions. Thanks to everyone who entered. Now on to this month’s contest….


Summer is winding down at the cottage. That boy from across the lake comes over for a visit. A full moon over the water. Seems all the necessary ingredients are in place for a special moment. This photo is from an early production in the 22 year history of the Highlands Summer Festival. We are looking for the name of the play, the year it was performed and, for bonus points, the names of the actors.

Send your entry by September 25 to:


Watch for the winner to be announced and the next contest in this location in early October. Good Luck!!!

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