Friends of the Festival

Friends helping the Highlands Summer Festival

Through the efforts of Friends of the Highlands Summer Festival thousands of dollars have been invested in the past years to help the Festival grow. In addition to the hundreds of donations received from members and corporations, the organization hosts a50/50 draw during each performance last season, which proved to be very popular and added greatly to the support of the Festival. We  have also hosted fund-raising events during the off season. Sincere thanks to all donors and those who purchase our 50/50 tickets. Look for other fun funding raising opportunities in the coming season.

While some of the Friends of the Highlands Summer Festival donations are used to cover Festival expenses, a large portion of the money is invested in the infrastructure of the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, improving the facility for all users. Donations from Friends of the Highlands Summer Festival have been combined with money from the Performing Arts Society and the High School, with the assistance of the Haliburton County Development Corporation, in the purchase of new lighting equipment for the theatre. Each year donations have also helped the Festival cover the cost of professional directors and actors.

All donations to Highlands Summer Festival are eligible for a tax deductible receipt. Managed by the Festival’s Board of Directors, the donations help ensure the continued high standards our patrons have come to expect. All donors are eligible to vote at the company’s annual general meeting. Suggested donation levels include: Actor — $50; Director — $100; Producer — $250; Executive Producer — $500; Corporate — $1250 or more.

If you would like to become a Friend of the Highlands Summer Festival, please send  your cheque to the address indicated below. Please make cheques payable to Highlands Summer Festival. We will issue a tax receipt for your generous contribution. Donations received after the season, will be included in next year’s budget.Donations are accounted for on a calendar year basis with tax receipts issued in the first two months of the following new year.

To encourage your contribution, we are offering the following incentives to those who make a donation:

  • Front of Line Service: If you are a member of Friends of the Highlands Summer Festival, your season pass or single ticket order received by our box office will be given priority treatment.
  • Recognition: Your contribution will be acknowledged in the program and on our website (see list below).
  • For The Future: You will have the satisfaction of supporting one of the most dynamic summer theatre companies in Ontario and ensuring its continued viability.
  • Tax Deductible: As a registered Charity, Highlands Summer Festival will acknowledge your donation with an official receipt which can be used for income tax purposes. (Our Canada Revenue Agency registration number is 87185 7918 RR0001)
  • Vote: As a donor you can vote at the AGM in April.

Your donation will help ensure the continued growth of the Highlands Summer Festival. In addition to the recognition in this website, donation received by June 10th are also acknowledged in the season’s theatre program.

We look forward to your ongoing support.

Joan Hawley
Co-ordinator, Friends of Highlands Summer Festival

Thank you to the following donors and Friends

The following individuals and businesses have become Friends of the Highlands Summer Festival by contributing to the success of the  2016 season. Thank you  for your support.

Corporate Sponsors

  • Century 21 Real Estate
  • Curry Chevrolet Buick Ltd.
  • Dentistry in the Highlands
  • Haliburton Timber Mart
  • Highlands Medical Supplies
  • McKeck’s Tap & Grill
  • Minden Subaru
  • Parker Pad & Printing
  • Pinestone Resort & Conference Centre
  • Technicalities Plus
  • Tim Hortons
  • BMO Financial Group
  • TD Waterhouse

Executive Producers

  • Anonymous
  • Graham & Carol Bowker
  • Marion Langdon, in Memory of Ken Langdon



  • Bonnie Beaudoin
  • Jack Brezina
  • Peter Jensen
  • Beth and Brian Kipping
  • Charles Pickett



  • The Burton Charitable Foundation
  • Michael Barnes C.M.
  • Bruce & Barb Bunker
  • Bettie Campbell
  • Bettie Campbell
  • Catherine Clark
  • Ron & Nerina Clark
  • John & Rosalie Cowan
  • Jean & Warren Currie
  • John & Valerie du Manoir
  • Wayne & Barbara Fawcett
  • Gwen Feagan
  • Jessie & Don Geall
  • Bill Gliddon
  • Audrey Grant
  • Larry & Cheryl Grigg
  • Janet Heffer
  • Barbara Hodgson-Medd
  • Lynne Horvath
  • Wanda Mole for the Ladies of the Lake
  • Don Lintner
  • David & Betty Macdonald
  • Peter Markle
  • Don & Pat Maulson
  • Ross & Mary Jane McMullen
  • Robert Penfold
  • Gene Puritch
  • William & Haroldine Seli
  • Charles & Lynne Simon
  • Chalene Smith
  • Robert Stiles
  • Ilsemarie Tarte
  • Heather & David Toswell
  • Kim & Wilma Warne



  • John Andereson
  • June Anderson
  • Jeanne Anthon
  • Joan Bell
  • Sandy Bell
  • Don & Ruth Benson
  • Ken Benstead
  • Michael & Susan Bernard
  • Robert Blake
  • Pat Bradburn
  • Ed & Bsrbara Braithwaite
  • Wendy Brogan
  • Peter & Margaret Brogden
  • Carol & Michael Browne
  • Paul & Barb Cameron
  • Lynda Campbell
  • Neil Campbell
  • Brian Childs
  • Hilda Clark
  • Nancy & Rodger Cummins
  • Warren Currie
  • Joan Davies
  • Rhonda Elstone
  • Bill & Mary Forbes
  • Margaret Giles
  • Betty Goard
  • Heather Grassie
  • Christina Hadley
  • Eleanor Hall
  • Joan Hawley
  • Gary & Pat Hunt
  • Ruth Hunt
  • Diane & Jack Jackson
  • Mary Johnson
  • Paul Johnson
  • Mary Jowett
  • Anu Lellep
  • Randall & Elisabeth Linton
  • Melanie & Wayne Lord
  • Dennis Lynas
  • Janet MacKay
  • Jim Malcomson
  • Marion Mandel
  • Leonora Marriner
  • Joan McDonald
  • Craig McGuffin
  • Ann McIvor
  • Bill & Joan McKnight
  • Jacqueline Metcalf
  • Barbara Millington
  • Cathy & Bill Murray
  • Klara & Peter Oyler
  • Dave Parrott
  • Paul Pethick
  • Sue Pethick
  • Jere Pike
  • Lois Rigney
  • Betty & Tim Sharpe
  • Gord Sheehan
  • Malcolm Shiner
  • Judy & John Skinner
  • Norm & Fran Smith
  • Diana Spicer
  • Carol Stewart
  • Dorothy Thayer
  • Wilma Thomson
  • Barb Townes
  • Ray & Jane Vanderburgh
  • Lorraine & Jack Virgin
  • Stella Voisin
  • Sylvia & Harry Winder
  • Donlyn Workman
  • Ron Wright
  • Daniel Zakaib




Stage Hands


  • Ann Aubrey
  • Marg Baker
  • Pauline Baumgartner
  • Gay Bell
  • June & Gary Benson
  • Aileen Bruce
  • Bill & Maureen Chandler
  • Lindsey Coates
  • Judy Cole
  • Gwyn Cornfield
  • Evangeline Croucher
  • Michael Cusato
  • Mary Jane Dillon
  • Murray Fearrey
  • Ross Fletcher
  • James Fowell
  • Patricia J. Fraser
  • Marie Gage
  • Dave Heaven
  • Isabelle Heaven
  • Sylvia Hennick
  • Tom & Carolyn Herlick
  • Wilf & Carol Hewitt
  • Catherine Holland
  • Brenda Leis
  • Lorraine Macdonald
  • Carol McClennan
  • Barb Nash
  • Marg O’Shaughnessy
  • Helen & Tom Regan
  • Donna Ridout
  • Carol Robinson
  • Jerry Rome
  • Gwen Scriven
  • Mary Sharp
  • Peggy Sharp
  • Susan Spencer
  • Gary Stoner
  • Robert Wing & Jean Toms
  • Marie Watson
  • Sheila Ziman

(All donations as of June 8, 2016)


Become a Friend of the Highlands Summer Festival

Interested in supporting the production of live theatre and concerts in the Haliburton Highlands? Then why not become a Friend of the Highlands Summer Festival? You can help enhance the annual live theatre season and improve the facilities for all groups using the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion at the High School in Haliburton. To become a Friend of the Highlands Summer Festival, simply complete the form below and mail it, with your cheque, to the address indicated. Donors are entitled to vote at the annual general meeting. Donors also receive front of line service when ordering tickets. All donations are eligible for a tax deduction.

NAME: _______________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________



PHONE: _____________________________________

EMAIL: _____________________________________

LEVEL OF SUPPORT: [ ] Actor: $50; [ ] Director $100;

[ ] Producer $250; [ ] Executive Producer $500;

[ ] Corporate $1250 +; [ ] Other amount $_______ .

Send your donation to:

Highlands Summer Festival,
Box 938,
Haliburton, Ontario,
K0M 1S0



The Highlands Summer Festival is a federally registered charity. Donations are eligible for a receipt which can be used for income tax purposes. You too can ensure the continuation of the performing arts in the Highlands. Simply send your cheque to: Highlands Summer Festival, Box 938, Haliburton, Ontario, K0M 1S0. If you would like to discuss how you might make a legacy gift to the Highlands Summer Festival, call 705-457-9933 and a representative  will call on you.