Cast photos from the Highlands Summer Festival 2000 Season

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Salt Water Moon

by David French

Directed by Doug Brohm

Salt Water Moon

Ryan Dawson and Kate Campbell. (Photo By Jack Brezina)



by Jack Sharkey and Dave Reiser

Directed by Donna Gagnon


From the left: Christine Archer, David Mills and Kate Campbell. Pianist Melissa Stephens. (Photo by Jack Brezina)



by Darrell Dobson

Directed by Darrell Dobson


From the left: Alaina Benoit, Melissa Stephens, Lauren McInnes and Tom Regina. (Photo by Jack Brezina)


Twice Around the Park

by Murray Schisgal

Directed by:

Caryl Moulton (Act One)

Twice Around the Park - Act 1

Curtis Eastmure and Debra Dart. (Photo by Jack Brezina)

Darrell Dobson (Act Two)

Twice Around the Park - Act 2

Donna Gagnon and Darrell Dobson. (Photo by Jack Brezina)