Cast photos from the Highlands Summer Festival 2002 Season

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That Summer

by David French

Directed by David C. Phillips

That Summer

Clockwise from the right: Christine Archer, Debra Dart, Carrie Heyes, Ryan Sisson, Lauren Dart, Jocelyn Regina and Tome Regina. Location courtesy of the Carney Family, West Guilford. (Photo by Jack Brezina)


Out of Sight…Out of Murder

by Fred Carmichael

Directed by Jerry Bannister

Out of Sight...Out of Murder

Clockwise from front centre: Maureen Johnson, Trevor Ottley, Laura Ostler, Christine Archer, Tom Robinson, Jack Brezina, Gillian Ottley, Jerry Bannister and Amanda Robinson. Location courtesy of Sir Sam’s Inn. (Photo by Teresa Kasepchuk)


There Goes The Bride

by Ray Cooney and John Chapman

Directed by Caryl Moulton

There Goes The Bride

Clockwise from the left: Eleanor Cooper, Glen Carter, Tim Nicholson, Jack Brezina, Carolyn Emmerson, Dave Mills, Vanessa Smith and Cassie Hie. (Photo by Jen Moore)


Au Naturel

by Kerry Riley

Directed by Craig Saunders

Au Naturel

From the left: Tom Regina, Melissa Stephen, and Lauren McInnes. (Photo by Jack Brezina)