Cast photos from the Highlands Summer Festival 2006 Season

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Maggie’s Getting Married

Maggie's Getting Married

Maggie’s Getting Married, cast and crew:

From the left: Betty Mills Stage Manager; Aaron King ASM; Sandy Slote ASM; Michael Johnson as Axel Wilkie; Terry Anderson as Tom Duncan; Lesley English as Wanda Duncan; Maureen Johnson as Cass Duncan; Zach Smadu as Russell MacMillan; Elke Star Ross as Maggie Duncan. Directed by Ralph Small.


If Music Be The Food of Love….Play on

Melissa and Barbara

Pianist Melissa Stephens with Soprano, Barbara Dunn Prosser.


The Miracle Worker

Directed by Scot Denton

The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker, cast and crew:

Curtis Eastmure as the doctor; Lora Cotter as Kate Keller; Tim Nicholson as Captain Keller; Jasmin Parnell as Helen Keller; Jillian Mayhew as Martha; Travis Stephen as Percy; Laura Paolini as Aunt Ev; Mitchell Rea as James Keller; Jack Brezina as Anagnos; Kathryn Boyd as Annie Sullivan; Karen Frybort as Viney; and School Children played by Jenna Dibblee, Shelby Elstone, Sylvia Jennings, Katie Leach-Russo and Jessica Mazara. Director Scot Denton; Stage Manager Kathleen Bates; Crew: Shane Dibblee, Betty Mills, Adam Perecko, Tammy Rea and Erin Stephen.

The Cast

The Doctor        CURTIS EASTMURE
Kate Keller        LORA COTTER
Captain Keller        TIM NICHOLSON
Helen Keller        JASMIN PURNELL
Martha        JILLIAN MAYHEW
Aunt Ev        LAURA PAOLINI
James Keller        MITCHELL REA
Anagnos        JACK BREZINA
Annie Sullivan        KATHRYN BOYD
Viney        KAREN FRYBORT
Servant        KELSEY CROWE
School Children
Laura          JENNA DIBBLEE
Beatrice        SHELBY ELSTONE

Production Team

Director        SCOT DENTON
Stage Manager        KATHLEEN BATES
Set Designer        BRENT McGILLIVRAY
Costume Designer        MELISSA STEPHENS
Technical Co-ordinator        CRAIG SAUNDERS
Lighting Design        CRAIG SAUNDERS
Props Co-Ordinator        HEATHER SMITH

Crew                                  KELSEY CROWE, SHANE DIBBLEE, ADAM PERECKO, TAMMY REA


If Music Be The Food of Love….Play on

Melissa and JP

Pianist Melissa Stephens with Bass-Baritone Jean-Paul Décosse.


Over The River and Through The Woods

>Over The River and Through The Woods

Over The River and Through The Woods, cast and crew:

From the left, front, Christine Archer as Emma; Michael Jaycock as Nunzio; Carolyn Emmerson as Aida; back row, Shane Dibblee ASM, Vanessa Smith as Caitlin; Peggy Flowers ASM; Rod Carley as Nick; Director Kay Valentine; David Mills as Frank and Laura Stouffer Stage Manager.