Cast photos from the Highlands Summer Festival 2013 Season


Nunsense Cast

NUNSENSE: Cast and Crew, from the left: Christine Darlington, Beth Kipping, Maureen James, Betty Paton and Jenna Dibblee. Back row: Director Marc Richard, Jacqueline Janas, Pat Piché, Victoria Bingham, John Lytle, Music Director Melissa Stephens, and Lynne Hyde. (Photo by Lorne Campbell)

The Players
Sister Mary Regina
Sister Mary Hubert
Sister Robert Anne
Sister Mary Leo
Sister Mary Amnesia
Maureen James
Beth Kipping
Victoria Bingham
Jacqueline Janas
Pat Piché
Melissa Stephens
Production Team
Director & Choreographer
Musical Director
Stage Manager
Lighting Director
Sound & Lights
Marc Richard
Melissa Stephens
Jenna Dibblee
Lynne Hyde
Melissa Stephens
John Lytle
Beth Kipping & Jenna Dibblee
Betty Paton
Christine Darlington
Special thank-you to: Jalen Campbell and John Presetwich who helped in the filming and editing of the Nunsmoke silent film. Thanks to Haliburton Sculpture Forest and Haliburton Highlands Museum.

Our Town Cast

OUR TOWN: from the left, front row: Kathryn Boyd, Curtis Eastmure, Ben Ward, Brian Kipping, Heather Brezden, Tom Regina, Christine Jonas-Simpson. Second row: Chris Archer, Madeline Hopkins, Betty Paton, Mac Moynes, Charlotte Paton, Jacob Dobson. Back row: Luke Young, Christine Darlington, Alex Kocot, Lindsey Coates, Norris Turner, Ruth Carter, Wayne Black, Director Scot Denton, Ryan Sisson, Barry Wilhelm, Jack Brezina, Chris Chumbley, John Lytle, George Charlebois and Jennifer Paton.

The Players
The Stage Manager
Dr. Gibbs
Joe Crowell
Howie Newsome
Mrs. Gibbs
Mrs. Webb
George Gibbs
Rebecca Gibbs
Wally Webb
Emily Webb
Professor Willard
Mr. Webb
First Woman in the Audience
Man in the Audience
Artistic Lady in the Audience
Simon Stimson
Mrs. Soames
Constable Warren
Si Crowell
Baseball Players
Sam Craig
Joe Stoddard
People of the Town
Brian Kipping
Curtis Eastmure
Mac Moynes
Chris Chumbley
Kathryn Boyd
Christine Jonas-Simpson
Ben Ward
Madeline Hopkins
Jacob Dobson
Heather Brezden
Jack Brezina
Tom Regina
Chris Archer
Barry Wilhelm
Ruth Carter
Wayne Black
Lindsey Coates
Norris Turner
Charlotte Paton
George Charlebois, Alex Kocot
Ryan Sisson
Jack Brezina
Christine Archer, Ruth Carter, George Charlebois,
Alex Kocot, Betty Paton, Charlotte Paton
Production Team
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Organist and Choir Director
Lighting and Sound
Set Design
Lighting Design
Original Music
Scot Denton
Jennifer Paton
Betty Paton
Bill Gliddon
John Lytle
Melissa Stephens
Beth Kipping, Jenna Dibblee
Sarah Scroggie
Lynne Hyde
Luke Young
Christine Darlington, Betty Paton


The Sunshine Boys cast

THE SUNSHINE BOYS: Cast and Crew, from the left: In the Chairs: David Mills and Glenn Carter, the rest, from the left, Lynne Hyde, Rebecca Kidd, Christine Darlington, Amelia Edmunds, Jack Brezina, Mark Arike, John Lytle, Corey Agnew, Jake Foy, Ryan Merritt, Steve Galea, Jenna Dibblee, Betty Mills and Brad Zahn. (Photo by Lorne Campbell)


The Players
Willie Clark
Ben Silverman
Al Lewis
TV Director
Stage Director
Registered Nurse
David Mills
Jake Foy
Glen Carter
Jack Brezina
Amelia Edmunds
Ryan Merritt
Betty Mills
Production Team
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Set Design
Lighting Design
Lighting & Sound
Props & Stage Dressings
Corey Agnew
Rebecca Kidd
Jenna Dibblee
Garth Allen
Lynne Hyde
Melissa Stephens
John Lytle
Beth Kipping, Jenna Dibblee
Jenna Dibblee, Christine Darlington & Brad Zahn

Wingfield's Inferno
Inferno Rod Beattie (Photo by Tray Manzo)

WINGFIELD’S INFERNO: Rod Beattie as Walt Wingfield. (Photo by Terry Manzo)

by Dan Needles
starring Rod Beattie
directed by Douglas Beattie
original music by Stephen Woodjetts

Bohemians cast

Bohemians In Brooklyn
: from the left: Bryce Kulak, Patricia O’Callaghan, Tom Allen and Lori Gemmell.