Cast photos from the Highlands Summer Festival 2015 Season

Tenor logo

by Ken Ludwig

Directed by
Scot Denton*

cast and crew

Lend Me A Tenor cast & crew: From the left,  front row: Seamus Tentrees, Charlotte Paton; second row, Abby Wilson-Campbell, Kathryn Boyd, Sue Black, Marilyn Hawley. Jenny Austin and Tommy Smith; back row, Brian Kipping, Carl Dixon, Adrian Zeyl, Riley Tate and Scot Denton.
(Photo by Lorne Campbell)

The Players

    Max    Adrian Zeyl
Maggie    Jenny Austin
Saunders     Brian Kipping
Tito Merelli    Carl Dixon
Maria     Sue Black
Bellhop    Riley Tait
Diana    Kathryn Boyd
Julia    Marilyn Hawley

Production Team

  Director      Scot Denton*
Stage Manager     Abby Wilson-Campbell
Set Design    Sarah Scroggie
Lighting Director     Claire Hill
Costumes     Melissa Stephens
Sound & Lights    Tommy Smith
Props     Amy Brohm
Set Dressings    Melissa Stephens & Betty Mills

*(Courtesy of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association)

Cuckoo logo 2

Dale Wasserman
from a Novel by Ken Kesey
Directed by
Elizabeth Saunders*

coukoo cast and Mckecks July 2015 004

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest cast & crew: from the left, front row: Emily Klose, Charlotte Patton; seated: Alyssa LaPlume, Laura Ostler, Tim Nicholson, Amy Leis, Lucas Mayhew; standing:  Ben Guenther, Rebecca Kidd, Jack Brezina, Christopher Chumbley, Angus Sullivan, Tom Regina, Stephen Thayer,Wayne Black, Elizabeth Saunders,  Peter Smith and Tommy Smith
(Photo by Lorne Campbell.)

The Cast

Chief Bromden    Lucas Mayhew
Aide Williams    Stephen Thayer
Nurse Ratched    Laura Ostler
Nurse Flinn/Sandra    Amy Leis
Dale Harding    Tom Regina
Billy Bibbitt    Angus Sullivan
Frank Scanlon    Ben Guenther
Charles Cheswick III    Peter Smith
Anthony Martini    Chris Chumbley
Ruckly/Aide Turkle    Wayne Black
Randle P. McMurphy    Tim Nicholson
Dr. Spivey    Jack Brezina
Candy Starr   Alyssa LaPlume

Production Team

    Director     Elizabeth Saunders*
Stage Manager     Rebecca Kidd
Lighting Design    Chris Malkowski
Production Design    Jason McQuarrie
Set Consultant    Brent McGillivray
Costume Design    Melissa Stephens
Sound and Lights    Tommy Smith
Props    Amy Brohm, Beth Kipping
Fight Director    Jack Rennie

*(Courtesy of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association)

Wingfield Lost & Found

by Dan Needles
starring Rod Beattie
directed by Douglas Beattie


Rod Beattie as Walt Wingfield


Dan Goggin
Directed by
Lesley Ballantyne*
Music Director
Melissa Stephens

nunsensational cast and mckecks 2015 003

Nunsensations, cast and crew: from the left, seated: Ken Loney, Emily Klose, Megan Klose, Lesley Ballantyne, Claire Hill, Rowan Booth, Rebecca Kidd standing: Tommy Smith, Pat Piché, Beth Kipping, Melissa Stephens, Maureen James, Dave Hawley, Hannah Klose and Victoria Bingham. (Photo by Lorne Campbell)

The Players

    Sister Mary Regina, the Mother Superior    Maureen James
Sister Mary Hubert    Beth Kipping
Sister Robert Anne    Victoria Bingham
Sister Mary Paul    Pat Piché
Sister Mary Leo    Hannah Klose

The Swinging Shepherds

    Piano    Melissa Stephens
Woodwinds    Dave Hawley
Percussion    Carl Dixon

Production Team

    Director    Lesley Ballantyne*
Stage Manager    Rowan Booth
Set Design    Sarah Scroggie
Lighting Design    Claire Hill
Costumes    Melissa Stephens
Lighting & Sound    Tommy Smith
Props     Beth Kipping, Amy Brohm
Set Dressings    Melissa Stephens & Betty Mills
Crew    Emily Klose, Megan Klose

*(Courtesy of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association)

Rlph + Lina logo

A production of  Edge of the Wood Theatre Company, Huntsville
written by
Michele Smith, Dan Watson
& Christina Serra
Dan Watson & Christina Serra

Presented in collaboration with DH3. Funded in part by the Government of Canada.

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