Cast photos from the Highlands Summer Festival 2016 Season

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Lionel Bart

Directed by Scot Denton

Music Direction by Melissa Stephens

Choreography by Beth Robertson

(Photo by Lorne Campbell)

The Players

Workhouse Boys     Seamus Lynch & Finn Tentrees

Workhouse Girls/Londoners  Britney Bain, Emily Young,                            Charlotte Moynes & Sydney Winmill

Fagin’s Gang/Workhouse Boys    Brett Boyce, Campbell Boyce, Jack Boyce, Jacob Dobson, Corin Gervais & Aiden Hill,

Oliver Twist   Carson Winmill

The Artful Dodger/Workhouse Boy  Jordy Schell

Mr. Bumble   Michael Clipperton

Mrs. Corney/Strawberry Seller Dianne Winmill

Workhouse Assistant/Bow Street Runner  Peter Smith

Workhouse Assistant/Long Song Seller  Stephen Thayer

Workhouse Assistant/Old Sally   Saskia Tentrees

Mr. Sowerberry/Londoner  Tom Regina

Mrs. Sowerberry/Milk Seller  Victoria Bingham

Charlotte Sowerberry/Londoner    Jenny Moffitt

Noah Claypole/Londoner    Angus Sullivan

Workhouse Matron/Londoner Christine Jonas-Simpson

Bet/Rose Seller  Amy Leis

Chairman/Knife Grinder Guy Pritchard

Londoner  Marilyn Hawley

Dr. Grimwig/Londoner  Jack Brezina

Mr. Brownlow/Londoner Curtis Eastmure

Mrs. Bedwin/Londoner       Ruth Carter

Fagin  Tim Nicholson

Nancy  Beth Robertson

Bill Sykes James Frantowski


Keyboard  Melissa Stephens

Percussion Adam Campbell

Violin  Luba Cargill


Production Team

Director        Scot Denton

          Music Director         Melissa Stephens

          Choreographer        Beth Robertson

Stage Manager       Heather Smith

Set Design    Sarah Scroggie

Costumes     Melissa Stephens

Lighting Design       Jennifer Lennon

Sound & Lights        Tommy Smith

Props   Amy Brohm & Heather Smith

Wigs, Hair and Makeup     Beth Kipping

Set Dressings   Melissa Stephens, Heather Smith & Amy Brohm

Assistant Stage Manager     April Martin & Jo-Anne Johnson

          Crew  Seamus Lynch & Finnigan Tentrees


Written by Norm Foster

Directed by Heather Davies

Old Love cast and crew, from the left, the front row, Charlotte Paton, Brian Kipping Sue Black and Maya Bowers; back row: Heather Davies, Dylan Isaiah Worth, Jenny Austin and Tommy Smith. (Photo by Lorne Campbell)

The Cast

            Bud Mitchell Brian Kipping

            Molly Graham, Sandra, & Claire Sue Black

            Younger Molly, Kitty, Kendra, Delores & Shirley

Jenny Austin

            Young Bud, Arthur & Arthur Junior Dylan Isaiah Worth


Production Team

          Director                  Heather Davies

          Stage Manager       Maya Bowers

          Lighting Design       Chris Malkowski

          Set Design              Brandon Kleiman

          Costumes               Melissa Stephens

          Sound and Lights    Tommy Smith

          Props      Amy Brohm, Beth Kipping

          Crew        Jaylin Frost


The Judgment of Paris

Judgment of Paris performers, from the left, Tom Allen, trombone, backing vocals; Bryce Kulak, voice, piano, accordion, bass harmonica;  Patricia O’Callaghan, voice, piano, percussion; Kevin Fox, voice, cello, guitar & Lori Gemmell, harp, trumpet, violin, backing vocals.
(Photo by Max Telzerow)

Written by Tom Allen

Music by Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel,

Featuring: Kevin Fox, Bryce Kulak, Tom Allen, Patricia O’Callaghan


Written by Noël Coward

Directed by Pru Donaldson

A co-production with Dragonfly Theatre Company.

The cast and Crew of Fallen Angels, from the left, front row: Farron Main, Myrna McBrien Emma Phillips, Betty Paton, second row: Tom Regina, Hannah Klose, Pru Donaldson, Peter Smith and Kevin Scarf.
(Photo by Lorne Campbell)


The Players

          Julia Sterroll  Emma Phillips

          Fred Sterroll   Kevin Scarf

          Saunders Pru Donaldson

          Willy Banbury Tom Regina

          Jane Banbury Myrna McBrien

          Maurice Duclos Peter Smith


Production Team

          Director Pru Donaldson

          Associate Director Scot Denton

          Stage Manager Betty Paton 

          Set Design    Sarah Scroggie

          Lighting Design Chris Malkowski

          Costumes Emma Phillips & Melissa Stephens

          Lighting & Sound Tommy Smith

          Props & Set Dressings  Amy Brohm, Heather Smith & Beth Kipping


Written and performed by Melody A. Johnson

With fiddler Taylor Nelles-Magee


Melody Johnson, playwright and performer, working hard to capture the judges’ approval in Miss Caledonia, with fiddler Alison Lynch.


Musical arrangements and original score by

Alison Porter

Directed by

Rick Roberts & Aaron Willis

Produced by Lunkamud in Association with Tarragon Theatre