Cast photos from the Highlands Summer Festival 2017 Season


Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Book by Burt Shevelove

& Larry Gelbart

 Directed by Caroline Smith

Music Direction by Melissa Stephens

 Choreography by Douglas Walker

Cast and Crew: from the left, kneeling or seated, Jacob Dobson, Noah Feaver, Finnegan Tentrees, Amy Leis, Meghan Klose, Alexander Kocot, Caroline Smith, Christopher Chumbley, Angus Sullivan; Second row, Melissa Stephens, Rebecca Hamilton, Dianne Winmill, Sherry Davis, Dylan Isaiah Worth, Laurel Denning, Hannah Klose, Saskia Tentrees, Heather Smith, Sarah Varty; Back row, Calvin White, Peter Smith, Jack Brezina, Paul Constable, Wayne Cooper, Tom Regina, Douglas Walker. (Photo by Lorne Campbell.)

The Players

(In the order of their appearance)

Prologus, Pseudolus Paul Constable*

Proteans Christopher Chumbley, Alexander Kocot,

Angus Sullivan

Erronius Jack Brezina

Marcus Lycus Peter Smith

Senex Tom Regina

Domina Dianne Winmill

Hero Dylan Isaiah Worth

Hysterium Wayne Cooper

Miles Gloriosus Douglas Walker

Tintinabula Rebecca Hamilton

Panacea Sherry Davis

The Geminae Hannah Klose,  Saskia Tentrees

Vibrata Amy Leis

Philia Laurel Denning


Keyboard Melissa Stephens

Percussion Sarah Varty

Production Team

Director Caroline Smith*

Music Director Melissa Stephens

Choreographer Douglas Walker

Stage Manager Heather Smith

Set Design Sarah Scroggie

Costumes  Melissa Stephens

Lighting Design Noah Feaver

Sound and Lights  Calvin White

Props Beth Kipping & Melissa Stephens

Wigs, Hair & Makeup Beth Kipping

Set Dressings Melissa Stephens & Heather Smith

Assistant Stage Manager  Jacob Dobson

Crew Finnegan Tentrees, Meghan Klose

Special Thanks To:  Highlands Little Theatre

*(Courtesy of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association)



A Pulitzer Prize winning play

Written by David Auburn

Directed by Scot Denton

Proof cast: from the left, Curtis Eastmure, Heather Brezden, Jocelyn Regina, Corey Agnew. (Photo by Lorne Campbell)


The Players

(in the order of appearance)

Robert Curtis Eastmure

Catherine Heather Brezden

Claire  Jocelyn Regina

Hal Corey Agnew


Production Team

Director Scot Denton*

Stage Manager Betty Paton

Set Design Jason McQuarrie

Lighting Design Noah Feaver

Costumes Melissa Stephens

Lighting & Sound Calvin White

 (*Courtesy of Canadian Actors’ Equity)

The Creative Team

Performer/Playwright Julia Mackey

Director Dirk Van Stralen

Lighting Designer Gerald King

Stage Manager Jennifer Swan

The playwright and performer of Jake’s Gift, Julia Mackey.

Year ten for Jake’s Gift

Jake’s Gift is a multi-award winning Canadian play about a World War II veteran’s reluctant return to Normandy, France, for the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day landings. While revisiting the shores of Juno Beach, Jake encounters Isabelle, a precocious 10-year-old from the local village. Isabelle’s inquisitive nature and charm challenge the old soldier to confront some long-ignored ghosts – most notably the war-time death of his eldest brother, Chester, a once promising young musician.

Since 2007, Jake’s Gift has gone on to play at festivals and theatres in 225 communities across Canada, as well as international visits to Washington State, the UK and to Normandy, France, for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day in June 2014. The show recently returned to Normandy this June for the 2017 D-Day Festival where the company presented eight performances in French across Normandy.

The 2016/17 season marks the start of the 10th year of touring, and Juno Productions and Jake’s Gift continue to garner awards and rave reviews whether playing in small rural towns or big city centres.

Jake’s Gift is a surprisingly funny drama that tells the story of a Canadian World War Two veteran. At its heart, Jake’s Gift is about the legacy of remembrance and makes personal the story behind one soldier’s grave.

A comedy by Norm Foster

Directed by Terri Hawkes

Cast and Crew, from the left: front row, Finnegan Tentrees, Betty Paton, Brittany Rae Robinson, Beth Kipping, Janice Kiteley, Sarah Scroggie; back row, Terry Hawkes, Noah Feaver, Abigail Decaire, Calvin White, Stephen Thayer, Brian Kipping, Lucas Mayhew, Melissa Stephens. (Photo by Lorne Campbell)

The Players

(in order of their appearance)

Hilda Fluck  Beth Kipping

Sam Fluck Brian Kipping

Gary Fluck Stephen Thayer

Janey Fluck Janice Kiteley

Bobbi Jakes Brittany Rae Robinson

Beverly Woytowich  Lucas Mayhew

Creative Team

Director Terri Hawkes*

Stage Manager Abigail Decaire

Set Design Sarah Scroggie

Lighting Design  Noah Feaver

Sound & Lights Calvin White

Costumes Melissa Stephens

Props & Wigs Beth Kipping

Set Dressings Melissa Stephens & Betty Mills

Crew Betty Paton, Finnegan Tentrees

 (*Courtesy of Canadian Actors’ Equity)

by Jerome K. Jerome

Directed by Sue Miner

Stage Adaptation by Mark Brownell

Featuring Matt Pilipiak, Victor Pokinko 

& David DiFrancesco

Musical Arrangements & Vocal Coaching by Rigzin Tu

Period Costumes by Nina Okens

The cast: Matt Pilipiak, Victor Pokinko & David DiFrancesco