The Highlands Summer Festival has always relied on volunteers from the community to assist in any number of areas. The contribution these people make to the success of the Festival each year, though sometimes not obvious, is vital.

Volunteers assist in a number of ways: ushering and taking tickets, back stage, gathering props, making costumes, serving refreshments, selling 50/50 tickets, building sets, painting and many other chores that all help to make the season happen.

Highlands Summer Festival volunteers enjoy the satisfaction of being an important part of a larger creative effort. The effort is certainly appreciated. We couldn’t do it without them.

Interested in volunteering? Contact the Festival at 705-457-9933 or tickets@highlandssummerfestival.on.ca with your name, contact information and area of interest. Someone will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your participation.

The following photos feature some of our many volunteers in action over the years.

When sets are dismantled for transport from the Highlands Summer Festival Shop to the theatre, many hands are helpful. From the left, Brian Kipping, Daniel Martens, Norris Turner and David Mills work together to get the set for Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks ready to go.

The roof top of the Banks House in Mary Poppins can be seen above partially completed by the construction crew at the Highlands Summer Festival Shop. Below, shows the completed set piece as the actors Beth Robertson (Mary), Carlo Biachini (Bert), Tate Itani Smith and Duncan Evans Fockler (the Banks children, Jane and Michael) bring life to the scene.

Ruth Carter, above, paints the teller cages from the bank scene in Mary Poppins. The finished designs can be seen on stage, below.


Set construction manager, Dave Mills, right, discusses how to create the look the set designer wants with Norris Turner and Ray Vanderburgh.

Sylvia Winder, left, and Beth Johns apply a coat of paint to set pieces in preparation for decorating.

Norris Turner, foreground and Ray Vanderburgh, build flats for a Highlands Summer Festival plays. Set building is one of the key areas where the Festival welcomes volunteer participation.

Ron Mckenzie cuts into a set piece as he prepares it for one of the Highlands Summer Festival productions.

Scenic artist, the late Stan Farrell, lent his time and years of experience to set decoration for the Highlands Summer Festival. A volunteer for over a decade. Using special tools and techniques, Stan could turn an ordinary piece of wood into fine looking wood of almost as kind, as seen in the examples on the table.

Highlands Summer Festival former Front of House Manager Pat Brezina, right, and volunteer Lynda Campbell, greet patrons at the entrance to the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion.

Moving into the theatre is always a busy time for Highlands Summer Festival, but many hands make the work go quickly. Here Al Bagg and Arlen Mighton carry props and stage dressings as they are unloaded from the truck.